Manufacturing Analytics & Reporting

Make the most of your most powerful raw material. Discover how you can become a data-driven manufacturer with the 5Y Unified Data Platform.

Manufacturing Analytics & Reporting

We help manufacturing companies to optimise processes, forecast demand, build better supply chains and so much more.


We give manufacturers the insights they need to build a stronger, more resilient manufacturing process. Our Unified Data Platform lets you connect hundreds of siloed data sources to a single easy-to-use platform. Pre-built frameworks significantly reduce the cost of ownership and accelerate your time to value. The result? You can start improving manufacturing operations in days, not months.

Take insights further with 5Y’s Business Function Solutions and pre-built Application Integrations that make it even easier to connect third-party data sources like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and generate actionable reports that achieve your specific transformation goals.

Manufacturing & Production Control Analytics

Empower your production team to understand their performance and the performance of their equipment.

Inventory & Warehouse Management Analytics

Help warehouse managers to understand the operational effectiveness and performance of their team, as well as generate insights into stock levels.

Procurement & Supply Chain Analytics

Provide purchasing managers and procurement teams with insights to understand their performance as well as that of their vendors.

Sales & Invoicing Analytics

Give sales teams a better way to visualise and understand their operational effectiveness and profitability.


Transform every process from production to your supply chain

Use the 5Y United Data Platform to bring greater understanding and operational change to your manufacturing business. Create a connected factory through application integration, keep track of inventory and fixed assets with real-time reports and use detailed analytics to forecast customer demand and plan accordingly. With 5Y, you can start building the factory of the future today.

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Key Performance Indicators
Reports and Dashboards
Pre-Defined Calculations
Proprietary Software

Generate manufacturing insights in 60 days

Whether you want to improve pricing, forecast customer demand or identify inventory shortfalls, the 5Y Unified Data Platform can significantly decrease your time to value and provide many of your manufacturing analytics requirements out of the box. Better still, it takes months, not years, to personalise reporting to your unique business needs

Pre-built integrations with leading financial business applications

And 100+ other data connectors


“5Y has helped us to reveal and represent data that was previously very difficult to achieve. This will assist in understanding the detail of our business performance, in real time, and help to define, monitor, and achieve our business objectives, and make data-backed, informed decisions.”

Neil Cotton Project Manager, AGC

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