Sales & Invoicing Analytics

Better visualise and understand the operational effectiveness and profitability of your sales team with the 5Y Sales & Invoicing Analytics Solution.

Sales & Invoicing Analytics

We help CSOs and sales directors make smarter business decisions, increase productivity and drive revenue growth

Our Sales & Invoicing Analytics Solution accelerates the rate at which sales leaders generate the insights they need to manage pipelines and forecast effectively. Quickly access standard and customised reports that help you boost sales productivity, identify your most profitable customers and exceed sales goals.


Customer Profitability Analysis

Understand the revenue each customer generates, identify high profitability audiences and tailor marketing accordingly.

Orders by Customer

Discover trending ordering data, sort customers by order numbers and forecast future customer demand.

Sales Order Reporting

Track and review current and historical sales transactions, determine order status and improve reconciliation.

Returns Analysis

Get a holistic view of returns data, break down returns by customer and take steps to increase profitability.

Key Sales & Invoicing KPIs and Measures

  • Accrual Amount
  • Accrual Quantity
  • Commission
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Discounts
  • Gross Profit Margin
  • Gross Profit Margin %
  • Quantity / Volumes
  • Invoice Amount
  • Order Amount
  • Return Amount
  • Revenue
  • Revenue Growth
  • Sales Order Count
  • Sales Order Quantity
  • Tax value

Start generating sales and invoicing insights in 60 days or less

When you adopt the 5Y Unified Data Platform, you significantly decrease your time to value. Using a combination of data vault methodology, common data structures and pre-built content, we provide many of your sales and invoicing analytics requirements out of the box. Better still, it takes months, not years, to personalise reporting to your unique business needs.

Key Performance Indicators
Reports and Dashboards
Pre-Defined Calculations

Pre-built integrations with leading financial business applications

And 100+ other data connectors

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