Data Mastering

Create a single source of truth

Use the 5Y Unified Data Platform to unify, enrich and cleanse hundreds of different data sources.

Create a single source of truth

The 5Y Unified Data Platform streamlines modern data management, making it easy to create a single authoritative version of your organisation’s data.


Cleanse, enrich and audit

Our platform eliminates duplicates, inaccuracies and inconsistencies, so you get a single version of truth.

Unify data sources

We apply consistent formats, values and naming conventions to ensure uniformity and comparability of data across all systems.

Master data at scale

Clean and consolidate hundreds of data sets and access everything from a single location.

Identify hierarchies

Define and manage relationships between records to improve analytics, marketing and compliance.

Make data-driven decisions
Eliminate data silos and upgrade your decision-making with better and more consistent data
Prepare for AI
Cleanse and unify diverse data sets so that they are ready for AI and machine learning
Improve operational efficiency
Lower data storage, ingestion and migration costs with a single verified repository of data

Data mastering offers many use cases for global businesses looking to improve data quality, streamline operations and enhance decision-making.

360° View of Customers

Create a comprehensive and accurate view of customer data by consolidating information from various sources, such as CRM systems, sales records, and customer support interactions.

Product Data Management

Centralise and standardise product information from multiple systems to ensure consistent and accurate product data across e-commerce platforms, catalogues and inventory management systems.

Financial Data Management

Integrate financial data from various departments, such as accounting, billing and budgeting, to ensure consistent and accurate financial reporting.

Employee Data Management

Centralise employee data from HR systems, payroll and other sources to ensure accurate and up-to-date personnel records. This streamlines onboarding, benefits and performance management.


Mastering your data to enhance your ESG performance.

By leveraging 5Y’s data mastering offering, you can improve the quality, consistency, and reliability of your ESG data, leading to more informed decision-making, better stakeholder engagement, and enhanced ESG performance monitoring and reporting.

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