Cash Flow & Bank Balance Reports

Empower finance teams to analyse bank reports and make faster, more reliable cash forecasts using the 5Y Cash & Bank Analytics Solution.

Cash Flow & Bank Balance Reports

We empower CFOs and finance managers to understand the cash performance of your organisation in an instant

Our Cash & Bank Analytics Solution gives your finance team rapid access to the cash-related analytics they need to make smart financial decisions. Use standard and bespoke reports to forecast cash flow, reconcile bank reports and improve the financial health of your organisation.


Bank Balance Reports

Analyse the current and historical status of business bank accounts to improve forecasting and reconciliation.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Instantly view upcoming cash requirements to better manage company liquidity.

Cash Flow Dashboard

Get access to all of the finance KPIs and metrics you need in a single location.

Cash Flow & Bank Balance KPIs & Measures

  • Accounting Currency Balance
  • Accounting Currency Inflow
  • Accounting Currency Outflow
  • Actual Accounting Currency
  • Actual Balance Currency
  • Banking Currency
  • Master Currency
  • Transaction Currency
  • Enterprise Currency Balance
  • Enterprise Currency Inflow
  • Enterprise Currency Outflow
  • Forecast Accounting Currency
  • Forecast Balance Currency
  • Forecast Enterprise Currency
  • Transaction Currency Balance
  • Transaction Currency Inflow
  • Transaction Currency Outflow
  • To Net Income
  • Expense to Revenue
  • Income
  • Liabilities

Start generating cash flow and bank insights in 60 days

When you adopt the 5Y Unified Data Platform, you significantly decrease your time to value. Using a combination of data vault methodology, common data structures and pre-built content, we provide many of your cash and bank analytics requirements out of the box. Better still, it takes months, not years, to personalise reporting to your unique business needs.

Key Performance Indicators
Reports and Dashboards
Pre-Defined Calculations

Pre-built integrations with leading financial business applications

And 100+ other data connectors

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