Application Integration

Connect any application with ease

Use the 5Y Unified Data Platform to connect systems, accelerate transformations and automate workflows.

Connect any application with ease

Our platform uses Microsoft Azure’s back-end capabilities to intelligently connect applications faster and more cost-efficiently than dedicated integration platforms.


Reduce integration costs

Our Application Integration Engine is a cost-effective alternative to dedicated integration platforms like Mulesoft, SnapLogic and Boomi.

Rapidly create new integrations

Connecting applications is quick and easy thanks to our intuitive drag-and-drop interface and automatic integration identification.

No black box

The 5Y Unified Platform records integration rules in a separate database, giving you an accessible and manageable single source of truth.

Protect sensitive data

5Y’s Application Integration Engine has robust authentication mechanisms to protect sensitive data throughout the connection process.

Scales with your needs

The Application Integration Engine scales with your required loads, so it can always handle increased data loads with no drop in performance

Core service or all-in-one

Purchase our Application Integration Engine as a core service or combine it with our Analytics Engine to get the most from the 5Y Unified Data Platform.

Use the 5Y Unified Data Platform to integrate hundreds of applications

Optimise the way your business operates by connecting hundreds of different applications regardless of data source or formats.

CRM and ERP Integration

Combine your CRM and ERP systems to create comprehensive customer profiles. This helps sales, marketing, and customer service teams better understand customer behaviour, preferences, and purchase history.

E-commerce Platform and Inventory System Integration

Synchronise your e-commerce and inventory management systems to ensure accurate product availability, prevent overselling, and optimise inventory levels.

Financial Software and Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate data from finance and accounting software and payment gateways to automate invoicing and reconciliation workflows and generate insights.

HR System and Payroll Software Integration

Integrating human resources (HR) systems with payroll software ensures that employee data, including time and attendance records, benefits, and tax information, is accurately reflected in payroll calculations.

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