Manufacturing & Production Control Analysis

Optimise your manufacturing operations and improve the performance of both your team and your equipment with the 5Y Manufacturing & Production Control Analytics Solution.

Manufacturing & Production Control Analysis

We assist COOs and operation directors to drive operational efficiency and improve production

Our Manufacturing & Production Control Analytics Solution provides instant access to the insights and reports production managers need to drive operational improvement. Use standard and customised reports to analyse equipment performance, optimise costs, and plan resources more effectively.


Production Order Reports

Analyse your production efficiency, spot potential issues and optimise your processes.

Production Planning Insights

Build realistic schedules, improve your production processes and forecast future needs.

Inventory Transactions Reports

Understand how transactions impact industry levels and accurately forecast future demand.

Route Operation Analytics

Improve transport-related processes by collecting, visualising and analysing route data.

Resource Analysis and Planning

Evaluate all of the current resources at your organisation’s disposal and optimise future deployment.

Production Costs Analysis

Get insights into the costs of production, identify ways to minimise future costs and create more accurate budgets.

Production Control KPIs and Measures

  • Capacity
  • Completed Orders
  • Consumption Constant
  • Consumption Real
  • Consumption Variable
  • Cost Amount
  • Cost Markup
  • Days In Inventory
  • Days Supply
  • Early Orders
  • Early Orders in Full
  • Effective Capacity
  • Estimated Consumption
  • Estimated Cost
  • Inventory Quantity
  • Inventory Average Value
  • Inventory Cost Amount
  • Inventory Turns
  • Inventory Value
  • Late Orders
  • On Time In Full
  • On Time Orders
  • Open Orders
  • Production Days Delayed
  • Production Defective
  • Rate
  • Production Lead Time
  • Production Order Total
  • Production Quantity Defective
  • Production Quantity Good
  • Quantity Real
  • Real Consumption
  • Real Cost
  • Real Cost Adjustment
  • Real Cost Amount
  • Reserved Job
  • Reserved Operation
  • Scheduled Quantity
  • Started Quantity
  • Time
  • Utilisation

Start generating production control insights in 60 days

When you adopt the 5Y Unified Data Platform, you significantly decrease your time to value. Using a combination of data vault methodology, common data structures and pre-built content, we provide many of your production and control analytics requirements out of the box. Better still, it takes months, not years, to personalise reporting to your unique business needs.

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