5Y Unified Data Platform

Accelerate your data journey

Discover how the 5Y Unified Data Platform transforms the way your business uses data.

Accelerate your data journey

The 5Y Unified Data Platform combines data vault technology, Microsoft Layers components and common data structures to streamline, simplify and accelerate modern data programs.


Lower TCO

Significantly reduce the cost to build and maintain data analytics solutions

Master data management

Combine hundreds of data sources into a single, audited version of truth

Accelerate insights

Use pre-built frameworks to generate standard reports in days not months

Apply everywhere

Use our Platform to achieve goals across multiple business functions

Rapid deployment
We use Microsoft architecture and pre-built frameworks to get you set up in a matter of weeks
Tailor to your business
Easily personalise and extend frameworks, add new connectors and develop new visuals
No proprietary software
We use zero proprietary software to lower the risk associated with analytics projects

100% aligned to Microsoft Reference Architecture

There’s no proprietary software here and no risk to your business. The entire 5Y Unified Data Platform is 100% aligned with Microsoft Reference Architecture. That allows us to accelerate your path to insights and ensures you don’t lose data if you stop using our platform.

The 5Y Unified Data Platform integrates with hundreds of data connectors

Analytics and Reporting

With the 5Y Unified Data Platform you can increase the speed and reduce the cost of data analytics. Access more than 200 calculations, 80+ KPIs and 34 individual reports across a suite of role-based dashboards and start turning data into insights in days, not months.

  • Accelerate your path to insights
  • Get 80% of your BI reports out of the box
  • Significantly reduce the total cost of ownership

Transform the way you manage valuable business data. Move, collate and master multiple data sources from a single platform.

Data Migration

Whether you want to migrate data from one application to another or consolidate several business tools into one, leverage the 5Y Unified Data Platform’s pre-built data connectors to accelerate data migration processes and master data at scale.

Explore all our data migration features
Data Mastering

Eliminate data silos, consolidate data sources and cleanse data faster than ever before. The 5Y Unified Data Platform streamlines modern data management, making it easy to create a single authoritative version of your organisation’s data.

Explore all our data mastering features

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5Y Unified Data Platform

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