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5Y Unified Data Platform

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5Y Unified Data Platform

The 5Y Unified Data Platform gives you rapid access to the insights that matter. Take the guesswork out of decision-making, and start your journey on the path to becoming a data-centric organisation.

of your BI reporting requirements out of the box
Pre-Defined Calculations
Key Performance Indicators
Reports and Dashboards
Risk profile with no proprietary software
Time to value by 60-80%
Likelihood of success
100% aligned with

We unify data from 100+ applications

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Our scalable solution supports multiple data workloads, eliminating data silos and facilitating data centricity.

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions

Out-of-the-box insights from Microsoft Dynamics

We have developed native integrations with leading business applications, including Microsoft Dynamics. Data ingestion is instant and standard BI reports are accessible immediately, meaning you can start generating insights straight away. There’s no quicker way to start making the most of the data locked in to your Dynamics platforms.

Discover our Microsoft Dynamics Solutions

We offer support and solutions at every stage of your data maturity journey

Cleanse and consolidate your data

Your first step on the path to data maturity. Use the 5Y Unified Data Platform to improve data governance and master data management.

Generate insights with analytics

Generate insights faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. Connect multiple data sources and tailor the platform to individual business functions.

Benchmark performance

Leverage your new-found visibility to benchmark your company’s performance against your competitors and identify areas to improve.

Leverage predictive models

Combine data sets with AI and machine learning algorithms to make accurate predictions about what will happen and how best to respond.

We help these organisations become more data-centric

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Unlock your organisation's potential with the

5Y Unified Data Platform

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