Data Ingestion

Build a fully audited data vault

Use the 5Y Unified Data Platform to ingest, consolidate and transform hundreds of disparate data sources.

Build a fully audited data vault

We make master data management easy. Whether you want to consolidate data or connect applications, the 5Y Unified Data Platform accelerates, standardises and automatically audits data ingestion.


Automate data pipelines

Ingest new data as soon as it’s added to the source

Pre-built frameworks

Accelerate ingestion using existing frameworks

Eliminate data silos

Consolidate and cleanse all business data in an instant

Fully audited

The Platform automatically validates and archives data

A golden record

Build a database that acts as a single source of truth

Scale at will

Connect one, two or hundreds of data sources instantly

Our system can cross reference similar data items across hundreds of different operational systems to provide rapid reporting and create a single version of truth.

CRM and ERP Ingestion

Ingest data from CRM and ERP systems to standardise data and create holistic customer reports that help sales and marketing teams better understand customer behaviour.

E-commerce Platform and ERP Integration

Ingest data from your e-commerce platform, ERP system and suppliers to prevent overselling, optimise inventory levels and make sure products are available.

Financial Software and Payment Gateway Integration

Ingest data from finance and accounting software as well as payment gateways to generate insights on invoicing and reconciliation.

HR System and Payroll Software Integration

Ingest data from HR systems and payroll platforms to create a unified view of your employee data and make it easy for HR teams to generate insights.

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