Business analytics solution

Turn data into insights

Use the 5Y Unified Data Platform’s pre-built calculations, KPIs and business reports to generate insights in days not months.

Turn data into insights

With the 5Y Unified Data Platform you can increase the speed and reduce the cost of data analytics. Access more than 200 calculations, 80+ KPIs and 34 individual reports across a suite of role-based dashboards.

Key Performance Indicators
Reports and Dashboards
Proprietary Software
Pre-Defined Calculations

Sales & Invoicing Analytics

Give sales teams a better way to visualise and understand their operational effectiveness and profitability.

Finance Analytics & Reporting

Enable your finance team to rapidly generate insights into financial performance and improve decision-making.

Procurement & Supply Chain Analytics

Provide purchasing managers and procurement teams with data to understand their performance as well as that of their vendors.

Production Control Analytics

Empower your production team to understand their performance and the performance of their equipment.

Cash & Bank Analytics

Generate insights into the cash performance of your organisation and make faster, more reliable forecasts.

Fixed Assets Analytics

Understand the financial health of your organisation with a view into the performance of all business assets.

Project Management & Accounting Analytics

Get insights into the health of your organisation along with the ability to look over all delivery-focused ledgers and transactions.

Inventory & Warehouse Management Analytics

Help warehouse managers to understand the operational effectiveness and performance of their team, as well as generate insights into stock levels.

HR Analytics

Give HR teams insights into all aspects of human resources, from pay to turnover to employee contracts.

ESG Analytics

Discover how to automate ESG data collection, and track, manage, and meet your company’s ESG goals.


“5Y has helped us to reveal and represent data that was previously very difficult to achieve. This will assist in understanding the detail of our business performance, in real time, and help to define, monitor, and achieve our business objectives, and make data-backed, informed decisions.”

Neil Cotton Project Manager, AGC

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