How Bewi automates the costing and invoicing profitability process.

Discover how 5Y helps a leading manufacturer to accelerate profitability insights and reduce accounting costs.

Bewi is a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of EPS (expanded polystyrene) products for insulation and civil engineering applications and has developed a wide range of BBA-certified and Kiwa-certified insulation products for roofs, walls and floors. Technical expertise, new product development and delivering world-class customer service underpin its strategic planning and our day-to-day actions.

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The Challenge

Bewi wanted to get a better handle on its profitability, invoicing and accounting systems. Manual processes meant more time than necessary was spent producing reports and insights were hard to come by.

The company wanted to automate these processes to produce more accurate and timely reports and outputs. This would also reduce the cost of current manual effort required as well using up-to-date order, invoice and costing data so that order and invoice profitability is better understood throughout the business.

The Solution

We implemented the 5Y Unified Data Platform and used pre-built Sales & Invoicing and Finance business function frameworks to rapidly deploy a standard analytics solution that automated data ingestion and insights. Bewi’s financing and accounting teams were able to get greater visibility into the invoicing process and could start making better, data-backed decisions in a matter of weeks.


The Results

Results came fast to Bewi. Since our initial engagement, we have helped the company reduce accounting costs by over 50%. Thanks to our Unified Data Platform, the team has a streamlined, automated approach to data and access to a new world of insights.

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