ESG Reporting and Analysis

Eliminate the challenges and complexities of ESG while harnessing the power of data to fast-track your success with the 5Y ESG Analytics Solution.

ESG Reporting and Analysis

We help CSOs and sustainability officers simplify the capture, consolidation, management, analysis and reporting of environmental, social and governance data

We provide easy-to-implement ESG Analytics Solutions for every kind of organisation. Use our own ESG Analytics Solution to streamline your data collection and reporting or let us help you leverage Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability instead. We also offer ESG workshops that help you build and perfect an ESG data strategy.


Automated Data Collection

Create automated data pipelines that ingest all relevant ESG data from hundreds of sources in real time.

ESG Tracking & Goal Setting

Set personalised ESG goals and generate visual real-time reports that make it easy to track your success.

ESG Analysis & Forecasting

Go further with your data by identifying areas for improvement and simulating the impact of initiatives.

ESG Data Standardisation

Don’t let unstructured data slow you down. The 5Y Unified Data Platform consolidates and cleanses data from hundreds of sources.


Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability

If you have heavy-weight data requirements, then Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability may be a better way to unify emissions data and monitor and manage your environmental impact.

We can help you gain deeper insights into your carbon emissions, and emissions you’ve already saved by using Microsoft Cloud Services.

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ESG Data Workshop

The ESG Data Workshop is a two-hour session that helps organisations develop their ESG data strategy by identifying key stakeholders, data sources, and automation priorities.

By attending the workshop, organisations can gain clarity on which metrics they should track, how to engage stakeholders, and how to define next steps for implementing an ESG data solution MVP. You’ll leave knowing exactly what role data plays in ESG and with a clear strategy to achieve your goals.

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