HR Analytics & Reporting

Boost employee productivity, optimise costs and create a happy and collaborative workplace using the 5Y HR Analytics & Reporting Solution.

HR Analytics & Reporting

We help CHROs and HR managers make faster, smarter and data-backed human resource decisions

Our HR Analytics & Reporting Solution makes it easy for HR professionals to get an instant view of your global workforce and generate the insights you need to transform people processes. Access standard and customised reports that help you to centralise employee data, optimise recruiting processes and track the outcomes of HR initiatives.


Starters, Leavers & Turnover

Understand why and how often employees join and leave your company, as well as the cost associated with turnover.

Case Management

Track, address and resolve employee-submitted enquiries faster than ever before,

Contracts & Service Anniversaries

Manage employee contract data in one place, identify the characteristics of long-serving employees and get anniversary reminders.

Sickness & Absence Analysis

Understand how often sickness and other absences occur and how they impact your organisation.

HR & Finance Reports

Ingest finance data alongside HR reports to analyse the financial impact of your HR decisions.

Establishment Analysis

Improve workforce planning and recruitment to help your organisation meet business goals.


Start generating HR insights in 60 days or less

When you adopt the 5Y Unified Data Platform, you significantly decrease your time to value. Using a combination of data vault methodology, common data structures and pre-built content, we provide many of your HR analytics requirements out of the box. Better still, it takes months, not years, to personalise reporting to your unique business needs.

Key Performance Indicators
Reports and Dashboards
Pre-Defined Calculations

Microsoft Dynamics Human Resources

Dynamics 365 Human Resources lets you create a workplace where people can thrive. Transform employee experiences, optimise programs and gain greater organisational agility.

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