How P3 slashed data preparation time and accelerated insights.

Discover how 5Y helps an autonomous ecosystem provider cleanse, transform and understand data faster than ever before.

P3 is a groundbreaking urban autonomous ecosystem consisting of a mobile application, vehicle, and infrastructure. The system is designed from the ground up to provide safer and more effortless ability in urban areas.

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The Challenge

P3 faced data transformation, reporting and analytics problems. The company spends 10+ hours a week manually preparing and transforming data across multiple departments (engineering, procurement, manufacturing, etc.) and then translating that data from Excel into PowerPoint for stakeholder presentations.

The sheer number of manual tasks in these processes led to errors, which meant the reliability and accuracy of data were always in question. Even presenting analytics was problematic. Everything was done through Excel and pivot tables, which makes repeatable, reliable, reporting difficult.

The Solution

5Y has delivered an innovative end-to-end ‘small data’ solution, which enables P3 to glean insights from various data sources. This focus on small and wide data sources provides far richer insights, across a broader operational boundary, which offers a 360° view of the business. As P3 expands its data capture requirements, the 5Y Unified Data Platform is ready to take real-time data in structured, semi-structured or unstructured formats.


The Results

The entire ETL process and report refresh has greatly reduced the amount of time P3 needs to spend on data preparations. Core stakeholders have more time to do valuable business tasks, as a result.

Utilising the 5Y Unified Data Platform, P3 has a full auditable, scalable and cost-effective solution. The Data Vault methodology is complemented with data marts fed directly into Power BI and out to end users every day.

The report has many iterations and presents key business metrics at a Group level and contributes to the monthly reporting pack, to track progress on the vehicle build. The P3 stakeholders have the capability to enhance the reports using curated datasets running through the platform.

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