Data migration tool

Move data with ease

Use the 5Y Unified Data Platform to seamlessly connect and migrate data between applications.

Move data with ease

Whether you want to migrate data from one application to another or consolidate several business tools into one, leverage the 5Y Unified Data Platform’s pre-built data connectors to accelerate data migration processes and master data at scale.


Accelerate ingestion

Use pre-built frameworks to accelerate the data migration process.

Scale as you wish

It’s easy to add as many additional data sources as you need.

Consolidate your data
Unify multiple data sources into a single application
Standardise everything
Choose the perfect format for every data source
Automate your pipeline
Create an end-to-end data pipeline that runs automatically

The 5Y Unified Data Platform integrates with hundreds of data connectors


“5Y has helped us to reveal and represent data that was previously very difficult to achieve. This will assist in understanding the detail of our business performance, in real time, and help to define, monitor, and achieve our business objectives, and make data-backed, informed decisions.”

Neil Cotton Project Manager, AGC

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