Application Integrations: Now Available As a Standalone Product

We’re excited to launch a new addition to the 5Y Unified Platform product offering. From today, customers can purchase 5Y’s Applications Integration Engine without needing to subscribe to our original Analytics Engine. Read on to find out more.
Thu, February 22, 2024 Application Integrations: Now Available As a Standalone Product

Do you want to connect two or more systems without paying the exorbitant fees charged by dedication integration platforms?

Now you can.

With the launch of our Application Integrations engine as a standalone product, we’re giving companies a fast and cost-effective way to connect systems, automate workflows and accelerate integration development. 

How does 5Y’s Application Integration engine work?

We have embedded years’ worth of experience to provide a seamless, intuitive, and intelligent integration solution using Microsoft Azure's powerful backend capabilities combined with a friendly interface.

It’s all powered by the 5Y Unified Data platform, which uses common data structures to master hundreds of data sources into a single, audited version of truth. That’s combined with a simple drag-and-drop interface for data mapping, allowing anyone to create new integrations by mapping data fields from different sources.

Why choose 5Y’s Application Integration engine?

There are plenty of reasons to choose our Application Integration engine over a dedicated integration platform like Mulesoft or a bespoke solution built by a consulting firm.


Because our solution is built on Microsoft Azure and uses the same technology as our Unified Data Platform, we’re able to offer this product at an incredibly competitive rate — far cheaper on average than dedicated integration platforms.

Fast and easy to use

Anyone can create, modify or delete integrations using our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Because the platform automatically identifies incoming integrations, there’s no need to write your own code, either.


The data you send through 5Y’s Application Integration engine is completely secure. We have robust authentication mechanisms in place to protect sensitive data throughout the connection process.


Connect as many systems as you like without slowing things down. The Application Integration engine scales with your load requirements to handle increasing data volumes without performance degradation.

What can you do with the Application Integration engine?

There’s almost no limit on the kinds of applications and systems you can connect. Because the engine is powered by the 5Y Unified Data Platform, it can ingest and master virtually any data source. Better still, the platform records the integration rules it uses in a separate database, giving you a single source of truth that you can access at will.

How you use the integrations you build is up to you. From eliminating data silos to automating workflows and increasing customer visibility, our Application Integration engine lets you get even more from your existing tech stack.

Here is just a sample of the things you can achieve with it:

  • Finance: Improve financial visibility and accuracy by connecting your payment gateway with your accounting software.
  • Sales: Streamline and automate e-commerce orders by connecting your front-end platform with your back-end inventory management tool.
  • Marketing: Create comprehensive customer profiles and improve the customer journey by combining data from your CRM and ERP systems.
  • HR: Deliver better employee experiences by integrating HR platforms with payroll software.

Core service or all-inclusive. The choice is yours

You can purchase the 5Y Application Integration Engine as a core service and start integrating your applications immediately. You’ll get access to all of the features discussed above at a fraction of the cost charged by dedicated integration platforms like MuleSoft or Boomi.

Alternatively, you can choose to access the 5Y Unified Data Platform in full by purchasing both our Integrations Engine and our Analytics Engine together at a discounted rate. This gives you access to all of the tools you need to become a truly data-centric organisation.

Find out more about our Application Integration engine and the 5Y Unified Data Platform, or speak to a friendly member of our team to learn how 5Y’s solutions can help your business.

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