5Y has achieved Specialisation in Analytics on Microsoft Azure

The team at 5Y have recently been hard at work on our Analytics on Microsoft Azure Specialisation. We're thrilled to announce that we have passed!
Thu, February 29, 2024 5Y has achieved Specialisation in Analytics on Microsoft Azure

This achievement validates our expertise in strategising and implementing Azure cloud analytics services, empowering clients to dive deep into their data and create transformative and secure analytical solutions that work for big businesses.

During the audit, Microsoft had some very kind words to say about our team and approach:

"5Y’s vision is to be the “Strava” or “Garmin” of analytics, providing standard products that will meet 99% of the needs of customers with minimal customization.
They have extended this concept of standardization to their processes to the extent that most of their product delivery consists of the provision of standardized modules, so reducing cost and lead time.
"5Y has an above average level of commitment to upskilling their customer’s staff, so that they (the staff) can handle smaller maintenance and repair tasks themselves, freeing up 5Y’s staff to focus on other projects and increase the company’s market share. This “self-service” approach is encouraging with a “mentoring” approach where the customer’s staff, through an individualized assessment process, are encouraged to study for the appropriate MS qualifications as a theoretical background, and they also participate in the projects alongside 5Y engineers, giving them a chance to experience what they have been studying in practice."

We would like to thank everyone who worked on the specialisation and continues to embody our values and approach in their work every day. We started 5Y because we believe there could be a better, simpler, and more cost-effective solution.

Achieving specalisations like this one validates our work and our team's expertise.

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